The SJG Transition Process Continues….

We announced at the Annual Meeting that we were posting our open rector position with the world-wide Episcopal Church. And this has occurred. 

In mid-February any candidates that have applied for our open position will be checked and vetted by our Diocese to ensure they are acceptable candidates for us.  The diocese checks to make sure they are in good standing where they are currently serving and that they have no current issues pending in that area.  Once they are cleared by our Bishop, the candidates are passed onto our Transition Team at SJG.

Our Transition Team will prayerfully review the candidates resumes, answers to the 12 questions that they answer that are very similar to the 12 question we answered for SJG and any other documentation that is passed along.  Our team will be guided to candidates that we would like to interview in what is referred to as a “video interview”.  These interviews will be conducted via phone and a video conference.  We will focus this interview on some of our key areas where we are looking for strengths in our new rector.  From these interviews we will hopefully be able to narrow our search to 2 or 3 candidates.

Then we will schedule ‘face to face’ interviews with the 2 or 3 candidates.  This may include candidates coming from our area, from anywhere in the country, or from anywhere in the world.  During this next phase of the process the candidates will have an extensive interview with the Transition Team, they may also meet with our Wardens, we will set up a time for the candidates to meet in a social setting with the vestry, they will meet with the Bishop and some of the Diocesan staff members.  We also will plan for a tour of our church and buildings, if required, a tour of Buffalo and the surrounding areas, potential suggestions for employment of a spouse or for the candidate since the candidates are only being called to work at SJG for just shy of 30 hours.  We will also check references provided by the candidates after this day or two of activities is completed for each candidate, if we have not done so previously.

After this portion of the process our Transition Team will hopefully be able to decide on a candidate that we would then present to the vestry for them to vote on as to whether they will accept this candidate as our next rector.  Once the vestry votes to accept the candidate the wardens will then immediately negotiate a formal contract with the selected person.  Once the contract is signed by the candidate, our wardens and the Bishop we will then plan when a formal announcement to our congregation and to the rectors congregation (should they be currently assigned somewhere) will be made.  We will then decide on a start date for when the rector will begin serving at SJG. 

Should the Transition Team not be able to decide on a candidate because we do not feel that they are a good fit for SJG we will go back to posting our position again with the world-wide Episcopal Church.  We may make some modifications to our criteria for our new rector at this time to help recruit candidates more suited for us.  Also, if the Vestry rejects the presented candidate we also begin this posting process again.

Our hope and prayer is that we all have been guided thus far on this journey and that we will attract the appropriate candidates and that we will be able to find that special rector for SJG.  So, keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward in our Transition process.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask anyone of your Transition Team members (listed below)

Yours in Christ.

You’re Transition Team – Jan Dolce, Ann Dutton, Stephani Foraker, Herb Hogue, Tom Lochner, Rob Petersen, Martha Robinson, Kathy Stelter, Marian Stelter, and Deb Vranich